We live in a time when social media presence is more important than presence in social situations in real life. It is also logical, because in real life you cannot choose certain qualities of your life; his appearance, his family, the circumstances of his education etc. In social networks, however, it can be anything you want. You can customize your character to your liking and be a better version of yourself. The same applies to organizations around the world. The SMO image of a company is extremely important. Businesses are concerned about how they communicate with customers and the public in the wider online spectrum. It is possible to create a unique identity, another virtual person using social networks, especially social networks and applications. It is therefore not surprising that SMO (Social Media Optimization) has become important for most of the last ten years. It is impossible to ignore the public preference for user-generated content, third-party reviews, and customer references. It is easier than ever for the public to evaluate and analyze the products, services and image of a company on social networks. Public opinion can create or destroy a brand, and social networks are a powerful outlet. The efforts of social media optimization relate to search engine optimization (SEO). Try both, represent brands, be relevant and increase your visibility online. Optimization is ideal for increasing the position of a brand on search engines and on social networking sites. The SMO also carries a dual responsibility, combined with a better classification of reputation management. It is known that organizations display, report and report on their decisions and actions. Your social networking platforms. It is important that they use effective SMO strategies so that these claims offend someone or have other negative connotation. The SMO strategies usually require the publication of interesting content involving users, such as blogs, pictures, artwork, forum publications and other forms of compelling content. The main objective of SMO is to build a brand image. Businesses, like any other person, have SMO profiles and accounts that they use to share content with the public. People who identify or identify the shared content begin to “follow” different brand SMO accounts and encourage others to do so. This really is the best way to increase brand loyalty. Companies can build a good relationship with consumers through SMO using smart marketing techniques. SMO is a powerful marketing and advertising tool. It is also a great channel for a brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns. They can easily reach their social networking platform and return to society. Logos can have an impact on the generation of SMO and the generation of positive emotions in terms of products, services or solutions. SMO has unlimited potential. Effective SMO has the power to create and maintain the image of a business and should be treated by experienced and enterprising people in order to get the maximum benefit because it enhances the reputation of a business.